The Wheel Of Time…

Well, here I am again… Actually, I thought of writing on how time changes everything around us. I started it as a poem… but .. well .. it turned out to be something a little different. But, then again , as they say sometimes there are no perfect endings, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle or an end. Well.. this is something in that category only..



Somewhere in the past. that is long lost now,

I remember playing the blind man’s buff game..


I vaguely remember, how I jumped at the mention of

my favorite chocolate or  ice cream& relished every bite of it..


But clearly I remember the time when realities hit my face, 

at an age where I was to enjoy, I grew up before time permitted


It was when I lost everything, I learnt of my existence, 

It was after losing myself, I found a new me…


All of it was a game, that time had played with me, 

It gave sorrows & tears, which hurt & pained…


But it also made up for what it did, 

it healed me & how?..It made me evermore stronger…


I loved & lost a loved one, I trusted & got betrayed, 

went through heartbreaking moments & those of weaknesses..


But somewhere in the darkness, I found a ray of hope, 

In the lost paths, I found my own destiny…


Between the tears, I stole a few smiles, 

In moments of pain, I found myself laughing on them..


And I realized that life goes on, 

the wheel of time keeps moving, never ever stopping..


Time showed everything, the good & bad, happiness & sorrows,

trust & betrayal, love  & hate, friendship & animosity, life & death…


It broke ..but healed too, there are time I wish..

I could go back and change the past


But then again that past itself is the reason of my existence, 

It made me what I am today & honestly I have no regrets..


My time may not be good now, but its not gonna be the same always, 

If it were good, still it wouldn’t last as Nothing lasts forever..


The wheel of time keeps moving, Now its upon us

whether we cry over what’s gone or go with the flow & move on with life… 



At the end of the choice is ours, decisions are ours. 


Somethings may not be under our control.


But how we handle ourselves under those circumstances IS under our control.