So Close Yet So Far…

They say when you truly love someone distances don’t matter. Sometimes they don’t, because even if the person is far away from you physically he/she resides in your heart and in spite of being far, they’re never really far. But, what happens when someone you love is close to you but still seems miles away? They’re right in front of you but you cant confess your love to them. They see you but still can’t see your feelings. And you’re left wondering whether they really don’t know about it or they just don’t wanna accept it. This is a little something that sums up the feeling.


I can feel your eyes on me, 

But I fear looking into them, 

Afraid I’ll lose myself in them, 

Without even knowing it…


I see you right in front of me, 

But can’t speak to you, 

For the fear of letting it slip, 

How I feel about you…


I know you’ve noticed me, 

But I wonder why don’t you show it, 

I can see you trying to figure me out, 

So why don’t you just read my eyes???



Why this feeling of emptiness?

Oh boy! You’ve made me such a mess, 

It drives me crazy that you can’t see, 

What I feel for you…


Is it that you’re unaware of my feelings

Or are you just pretending to be so???

You don’t know how much it breaks me inside

that you’re SO close to me ..yet .. SO far…