Live Like There’s No Tomorrow


Its a new day, 

So open your eyes, 

Allow the sunrays

Kiss your face…


Form a smile with your lips, 

Let the past fade

Make some new mistakes, 

Forget the ones that’ve been made…


Take life’s chances, 

Don’t have any regrets, 

Take  a stand for yourself

Live to fulfill your dreams…


Tell the person you love HOW MUCH you love them 

Before it is too late, 

Open your heart to them 

And leave the rest to fate


Dance in the rain,

Even if you don’t know how to

Sing your favourite songs with friends

Even if you are the worst singer…


Open you arms

To welcome the breeze brush you 

Wipe those tears of sadnees away 

And cry some tears of joy…


Be the author of your own life, 

Write your own story,

Break all the rules,

As they are meant to be…


Love truly & kiss slowly, 

Laugh out loud uncontrollably, 

Have the craziest fun 

And do something dangerously insane…


Live every moment to the fullest, 

Love like nothing else matters, 

Forget life’s sorrows, 

Live like there’s no tomorrow….


You’re my destiny…

The world judges  me by how I look,

Laughs at me when I fall,

But into my eyes when you look,

I feel you know me by my soul…


Even though I try to hide,

Just your presence takes my breath away,

And whenever we collide,

Beautiful sparks seem to fly…


My eyes search only you,

Even in a crowded room,

The way you look at me,

Makes me swoon…


When at me you smile,

My world turns around,

Time stops for awhile,

Like something invaluable lost has been found…


When you hold my hand,

I know to each other we belong,

Its the distances between us I can’t stand,

As a second without you seems lifelong…


When you whisper to me,

A shiver runs through my spine,

And I know at that moment,

That my heart’s no longer mine…


Vanished are my sorrows,

With you by my side,

With your arms around me,

I’d welcome death with arms open wide…


Without you my soul seems incomplete,

Impossible seems life’s journey,

I need you for my every heartbeat,

‘Coz it feels you’re my destiny…

I hate to love you

What happens when you run away from Love, don’t wanna fall for someone but still you do. Well this is how I’m able to sum up the feeling. Not that I have experienced it but still…


I hate you when you look at me 

and your eyes are able to see the depth of my love for you…


I really hate you when you’re able to see the tears through my smiles,

and can hear me crying even when I laugh hysterically…


I hate you even more when you are able to bring a smile

on my face even when I’m totally angry with you…


I hate the fact that I feel so lonely and scared

when you aren’t around me…


And I also hate the fact that I dont have an answer to the question

as to Why do you affect me in such a way???


But I also hate to say the things that I love about you…


I love the way you’re protective arms around me

make me feel so loved, cared and secured from the world…


I love it when you are ready to fight the world

just to stop my tears from falling down my face…


I love you even more when you make a fool of yourself

just so that you can see me smile again…


I really love you when you make me feel that

I’m the most special person in the world for you…


And I also love that you love me so much

that makes me love you the way I do…


Even though I hate to admit it that I hate to love you

but I can’t deny that I really love to love you…

Till the next time Asta la vista…:)

When there’s no other option than to stay strong and fight


Into the mirror I look, 

Trying to find a new reflection,

Wondering, why so long it took 

For me to find a new direction…


All this humiliation and pain

Was killing me from inside,

With every cruel word my heart stained,

Like somewhere a part of me died…


Even when I want to start a new life today

My past sill haunts, 

And when I wish for a new day, 

All I hear are peoples’ taunts…


Off my face I wipe away the tears, 

To replace them with a laugh,

I fight with my inner fears,

So they don’t break me in half…


I’ve had it all figured out, 

And I won’t let you break me further

Even your harshest clout, 

Is going to make me ever more stronger


All I say to those who hurt me is, 

Try breaking me as much you can,

Throw all dirt on me there is, 

But my spirit is something you can’t ban


Go ahead and throw me insults 

Hate me for what I am,

Soon you’ll get the result, 

And I’ll come up with a bang…


Hit me with the worst you got, 

Push me the hardest you can, 

My strength won’t rot,

And I’ll emerge as a winner in a little time span…


With your imagination so scant,

Think of me as a goner,

Laugh at me all you want

When I take the road less travelled on


‘Coz there’ll be a day, 

The world’ll be screaming my name

To my tunes it’ll sway, 

And you’ll be envious of all my fame…


You won’t believe your eyes,

When I’ll have someone by my side

Who’ll love me with their every sigh,

And I’ll be the reason for their pride…


That’ll be a time, 

When you’ll realise my worth,

But that realisation won’t be worth a dime, 

And my affection for you will have met its death…


When for granted I’m taken,

Makes me feel I have a terrible fate,

But by the time you know you’re mistaken,

It’ll be too late…


I’ll be loved someday…


I’ve stayed this way for so long,

That’s made me forget my life’s song,

My mind filled with doubt,

Searches for way out


I am in so much pain, 

That it drives me insane, 

My eyes filled with tears, 

Its the lies I can no longer hear


Haunting me are my pasts ghosts, 

Even in a crowd I feel so lost, 

It all feels like a torture, 

I wonder where I lost my innocence so pure


I want to break free, 

So for real I could see, 

The world I see through a glass window

By walking out of the door


There will be a better tomorrrow, 

Where I’ll be able to let my emotions flow, 

“Live some more”, to myself I say, 

Hoping that I’ll also be loved someday…


Hey!!! Recently I had been going through some personal issues that were a kinda crisis point of my life and which really got to me. At that point I was SO depressed that I didn’t even want to talk to my best friends, I didn’t feel like going out. I had simply shut myself from the world. But that was worse, because it didn’t solve my problems, and certainly didn’t make me feel better at all.

But then I realized that I ain’t getting anything by shutting myself from the world. I need to get out and try to be able to see the good things in life. Because there is always a good hidden somewhere in the worst things that happen to you. I’m not saying I believe in God and Destiny….its just that whenever in the past I have been in bad situation and I thought life couldn’t get any worse…but it did and that acted as way to make me stronger. Also, today when I look back to those times I realize that the worst situations have taught me the most. And the only reason I have been able to live through them is because I have knack of finding out good things in life even when times are bad. I find my happiness in little things. That’s what inspired me to write a little poem in what I’ve found out about life and what makes it beautiful.

How often do we complain,

That Life’s given us so much pain, 

But sometimes we fail to see, 

That world’s full of beauty..

We crib about this

And whine about that, 

Its a problem if we’re thin, 

But a bigger one if we’re fat…

We compete to look better and smarter,

And try to be what other is, 

But we seem to forget that in the barter

We tend to become our own nemesis…

Find the peace within, 

Close your eyes, 

To look for what you’re missing,

Beyond your mind’s skies…

Watch the new dawn,

Feel the morning rays,

A new day has begun,

Feel the sunshine hit you face…

Look for the beauty in life,

In the colour of butterflies,

In the fragrance of flowers,

In the breath of the breeze…

Let the sand tickle your feet,

Walk where the land and water meet,

Let you feet and waves play,

Make a few castles of wet clay…

Allow the drops of rains, 

Cleanse your senses, 

Look beyond your pains, 

For the strengths you possess…

There are always twinkling stars,

In the skies that are blackest,

Find solace in your true friends,

Who’re with you in times that are darkest…

Spread a smile, 

To get one in return,

Only when you respect others, 

The same for yourself you earn…

Find your innocence

In a child’s smile,

Test you strengths

By walking life’s extra miles…

Sing along to the music,

Through the life’s journey,

Dance to the tunes of life,

And fulfill your destiny…

Life’s too short, 

To conspire against other,

And too beautiful, 

To be missed out on…

Live every moment

As and when it comes,

Hoping for the best, 

As who knows what tomorrow becomes…

I AM….

Many a times we feel inferior to others. Its a human mentality or psychology (whatever u wanna call it) to compare him/herself with others. For e.g. I always feel that I’m fat, I’m loud , extremely talkative, outrageously funny, sometimes dumb and irritating, etc. Above all I’m a total tomboy. I even tried to change a few things about me, the way I dress, talk, walk, etc. But unfortunately, I couldn’t because it wasn’t ME. I missed being me. But fortunately I have friends who love me the way I am. And that made me realize something, that is: if someone will love me, then they’ll love me the way I am for what I am. If I change myself and after that people will love me, then they don’t love the real me. They love the image that I have created of myself not the real me. And that’ll be an illusion. One cannot love an illusion, can they??? So I wrote a little something to express myself. here goes:


I may not be the most good looking person,

But I find beauty in every person I meet…


I may be bad sometimes,

But at least my goodness isn’t fake…


I may not be the most popular person,

But at least my friends aren’t fair weathered…


I may not posses the worldly riches,

But my true relations make me the wealthiest…


I may not have any possessions worth being proud,

But I am proud to be different from others…


I may sometimes embarass myself, 

But I am not ashamed of what I am…


I am whatever I am,

and I’m proud to be who I am


I hope this helps people understand that they should accept themselves the way they are and not somebody they are not. I had heard this phrase somewhere “Be a first rate version of yourself, than being a second rate version of someone else”. Till next time Adios!!!