Break The Rules…….

Close your eyes, 

And shut out the world,

take a deep breath, 

And let the past fade away

let the tears fall, 

Cry till u feel there are no tears left 

Scream your lungs out, 

and let all your fears out 

Do what you feel like

that’s what’ll feel right

give a damn to what others think

their thinking is bullshit 

Turn a deaf ear to others’ demands

as they can’t fucking stand for even themselves

Your heart has been broken enough

High time you break some rules..

Feel your heart, 

listen to the rhythm of its beat, 

Notice how you breathe, 

feel the blood running through your veins

Pop in those earphones 

and pump up the volume,

Groove to the beats

And let the music take over you 


Let your hair down 

And move your body to the tunes

Dance as no watching

or its your last dance 

Laugh your loudest, 

smile your widest, 

buy a new dress, 

or have a new haircut

Act weirdly & talk absurdly, 

take that camera

& pose for pictures stupidly,

Do whatever YOU feel like doing..

Flutter those lashes, 

& give that sexy smile, 

It dosen’t hurt anyone

Go on . go flirt a little…

If you love someone 

tell them “I LOVE YOU”

And if you hate someone, 

go tell them that in their face

What’s gone is gone 

and will never come back, 

What’s supposed to come will come

No one can stop that

Live this moment its only yours, 

And NO ONE can take it away from you, 

Right here Right now is a gift

Rightly called the present

Life’s pretty simple

So why complicate it?

Today might be your last 

So why not make full use of it…

Have no regrets, 

Have no fear, 

there may or may not be a better tomorrow

so live your fullest by today.. 😀


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