Do yourself a favor… do something for that make YOU happy.. :)

Wow!! its been ages since I’ve written anything at all. I just realised I need to write more often just so as to keep myself sane. Such Life be!!!
I just couldn’t find anything to write about.. I am an average looking working class 24 year old. I don’t have a very happening life .. I don’t do clubbing, I am not fashion conscious.. and as far as gossip is concerned I just know about the Bollywood link ups & break ups. So sometimes I feel my life’s teeny bit boring.
Home to work and back. On the weekend if there’s a plan to meet up friends then cool or else I end up sitting at home doing nothing.
Few months back, I tried something different. Things weren’t that great when it came to personal or professional life. In other words, life sucked!!! I needed a break just to get away from everything. I didn’t know if I could stand one more taunt of how I am or the way my life’s shaping up or I could bear thinking about where I am actually headed.
So you see I just wanted a break from everything, I mean we all need a break once in a while from our routinely boring and monotonous lives. You see I have this personal checklist where I listed down things that I want to do before I die and if you need a shorter span of time there a few things I wish to do before I get married which at least I hope is not for the next few years (6-8 years give or take or maybe never hopefully)

I went for this rafting trip with this group who organizes weekend trekking trips & stuff. I am sure you’ll must’ve come across many such groups. The point is I went alone for it. Just went. I called them a day before the trip and asked if they still had a seat available. Since I was travelling alone they said they could adjust me.

And THAT i think is one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in life. True, that most of the time I don’t know what I am doing. But this time I wasn’t thinking, I just went on a whim, and let me tell you I don’t know how to swim(Intend to learn it someday) and the reason I have procrastinating learning it because of my fear of drowning.

You see, most of the time I was so busy trying to make everyone around me happy that I didn’t know what made me happy, and with my work timings I don’t get much time to dance (one of my passions) except for weekends.
On this trip I did a lot of things that I didn’t think that I would’ve done in a long time. I went rafting, which is one of the to do things in my checklist, I overcame my fear of drowning, I jumped in the water (we had life-jackets :P) I rode a jet ski, I did kayaking, I met new people, I broke free from everyone and everything .. I was like this refreshing breath of fresh air. Like I saw the sun after living in a dark room for day, like being able to smile at nothing, And let me tell you it was the best feeling I had in a long long time.

I did not care that I went for the trip alone, I did not care that I didn’t know anyone. I just went for it. I realised that once in a while one needs to do something or the other that makes them feel happy. When i say happy, I don’t mean just the smile on your lips, I mean that smile that reaches your eyes and touches your soul, that feeling of bliss which makes u feel amazing from inside.
We’re always dependent on various aspects to make us happy, I’l be happy when I am at this positions, I’ll feel good if I get promoted or I’ll have good time when plans with my friends work out. Well, these are just excuses, it says that YOU are LAZY. Your happiness is in your hands, whether you feel good about yourself or not is all in your mind, and it is really not necessary that you need to be with someone to have a good time. Sometimes, alone time is all you need. Just you.
So do yourself a favor, do something nice .. not for someone else but for yourself. Its not a sin to be a little selfish. And your selfishness isn’t taking away anything from anyone. In fact, the happier you are, the more positive you will be, and the positive you are, you will automatically keep the people around you happy. Its simple really. We just make it complicated ūüėČ


Break The Rules…….

Close your eyes, 

And shut out the world,

take a deep breath, 

And let the past fade away

let the tears fall, 

Cry till u feel there are no tears left 

Scream your lungs out, 

and let all your fears out 

Do what you feel like

that’s what’ll feel right

give a damn to what others think

their thinking is bullshit 

Turn a deaf ear to others’ demands

as they can’t fucking stand for even themselves

Your heart has been broken enough

High time you break some rules..

Feel your heart, 

listen to the rhythm of its beat, 

Notice how you breathe, 

feel the blood running through your veins

Pop in those earphones 

and pump up the volume,

Groove to the beats

And let the music take over you 


Let your hair down 

And move your body to the tunes

Dance as no watching

or its your last dance 

Laugh your loudest, 

smile your widest, 

buy a new dress, 

or have a new haircut

Act weirdly & talk absurdly, 

take that camera

& pose for pictures stupidly,

Do whatever YOU feel like doing..

Flutter those lashes, 

& give that sexy smile, 

It dosen’t hurt anyone

Go on . go flirt a little…

If you love someone 

tell them “I LOVE YOU”

And if you hate someone, 

go tell them that in their face

What’s gone is gone¬†

and will never come back, 

What’s supposed to come will come

No one can stop that

Live this moment its only yours, 

And NO ONE can take it away from you, 

Right here Right now is a gift

Rightly called the present

Life’s pretty simple

So why complicate it?

Today might be your last 

So why not make full use of it…

Have no regrets, 

Have no fear, 

there may or may not be a better tomorrow

so live your fullest by today.. ūüėÄ