I  always thought I wasn’t the kind,

Who would go crazy for someone,

I lived in a world of my own,

Living life crazy and loud, 

And that’s when you came & changed everything…


Just that moment when on you I set my sight , 

My whole existence was shaken,

And that moment I realised,

My heart that I guarded so well ,

Had been taken…


When I wasn’t expecting,

You struck me like a lightning, 

It was so blinding,

Your charm was so stunning, 

That I didn’t see it coming, 


I wish I could explain, 

How amazing you make me feel, 

And when you’re with me baby, 

The only emotion I know is bliss,

And my smile just dosen’t disppear


I felt I was crushing for you

But it seems so much more than that,

I can feel the chemistry  between us,

And I know that steadily,

Oh boy, I’m falling hard for you …


I know I sound totally crazy, 

Its a shock that I could be so lovestruck, 

But who has been able to control their feelings

And with that killer of a smile of yours for me

What else was there that I could do…


Wish words could express

What my heart says ,

Look into my eyes, 

And you’ll know the depth

Of my love for you


Let the silence speak, 

Listen to my heartbeat, 

All it wants is that this moment doesn’t end

All I ask of you is

Just stay with me FOREVER…



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